Update #1 - Faster, smoother, prettier

I am not going to update the standalone versions until the Game Jam rating period is over. The browser version will reflect the latest changes in the meantime. 

  1. Smoother and more precise player movement
  2. Animated player and people
  3. Gave the throwing more loft and distance
  4. Got rid of the white arrows on the toilet paper and added a nicer glowing ring.
  5. Redesigned the bin and gave it some bounce on the rim.
  6. Waiting time between days will no longer scale up with progress and is fixed at a couple seconds. 
  7. Added more details to the buildings
  8. Tweaked all colors, materials, and lighting
  9. Gave the TP an impact sound
  10. Added some falling particles for sense of place
  11. normalized audio

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