Based on the GameJam version made in one weekend by solo developer Daniel Toillion for the 2020 Quarantine Game Jam.

Welcome to TAPS, the totally accurate pandemic simulator. There is a lot of people in the street and the infection is spreading. The only thing that can save us is precious, precious toilet paper. 


  • Collect all the toilet paper each day  before everyone is infected.
  • Survive for 10 days to win.


  • WASD or ARROW KEYS = Move
  • SPACE = Pickup / Throw
  • ESCAPE= Pause Menu


  • Collect toilet paper and throw it in the blue bin with space bar.
  • Avoid Infected people (Green).
  • Move fast, collect all the toilet paper before everyone is infected. 

Install instructions

  • Browser: Click "Run Game" button on this page, full-screen recommended
  • Windows: Extract zip and run the .exe file
  • Linux: Extract .zip and then run .x86_64 file 


    Download 46 MB
    Download 44 MB

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    This was actually quite cool! The throwing feels great! The music is funky! Game #5 in this video: