Update #1: Lighting, Camera Shake, Breakable flagpole, physics tweaks

Ongoing WebGL Issues:

  • Physics issues with collider seems/edges.
  • Lighting issues with stitch seems.


  • Refactored all sound to be handled by a single script and played as one-shots.
  • Sound effects have a randomized pitch for more variety.
  • Flagpole has a collider now, it plays a metal click noise on impact.
  • Flagpole falls over and plays a metal crash sound if hit with a high velocity.
  • Camera shake when out of bounds, hitting the flagpole, or sinking ball in the cup.
  • Adjusted camera angle and tracking.
  • Static light-maps and tweaks to realtime lighting
  • Texture and materials tweaks

In progress:

  • Rebuild ramps with sound, effects, and smooth physics.
  • Rebuild sweepers and sliders with sound, effects, and smooth physics.
  • Mac and windows build.

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