• Up/Down - Switch lanes in orbit
  • Spacebar - Reverse direction (3 second cool-down)
  • Escape - Pause menu (Retry and Volume Controls)


Collect the other orbs in the daytime and avoid them at night.



Development log


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Finished it twice - Once with being able to reverse direction, and the other without.  
I felt that without is more fun, and fits more with the theme since you have to dodge the balls once you enter the night section.    
Music was also awesome :p

Thanks! I have updated the game and the reverse function now has a cool-down on it. Enemies also telegraph their spawn position before becoming dangerous. I hope this makes the game more difficult but also more fair.

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(Played without sounds. Might not be the best way to go about it, but...)

This game is pretty cool! My one gripe is that being able to switch directions feels like it kinda trivializes the game as a whole, since you can always stay in the daylight. But other than that, love the idea, and it's been implemented quite well!

Oh, and good choice of style. It looks really nice, and it's entirely consistent.

Thanks for the awesome feedback! I agree that the reverse feature takes away from the mechanic so I added a cool-down to it based on the feedback of you and other players.

This was pretty cool, I liked it! it took me a little bit to get it, but once I did I really got into it! I like music and trying to find the right 'rhythm' in order to hit/not-hit the different orbs.

Thanks man! I have received so may useful feedbacks and I can't wait for the game jam judging period to be over so I can implement some of them!

This is actually a really cool game concept man! Good job. Once you get the hang of it, it gets a bit easier, but it's still really trippy. I really like that the simplicity of adding two gameplay elements together made a really interesting (and difficult) mechanic! I do think that the spawning of the balls could be a bit more predictable. I sometimes felt like they spawned right in front of me. Maybe have them do no damage in the first second or so, (when they're 'charging up' for example), it's just an idea. Fun game.


Thanks man! Excellent feedback I could totally see myself doing another pass at this game in the future that includes these suggestions.


Thanks for the suggestion, in this update the enemy orbs will now spawn safe, blink for a while, and then become dangerous. This will prevent the unfair hits you were experiencing.


Really cool idea and really awesome game. The music and art style are just so perfect together! Id rate this 9/10 because it can get a bit trippy after a while! :D

Thanks! :)